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About us

About us

Since our inception in 2006, we at The Right Temperature have built an outstanding reputation in the Heating and Cooling industry.

In addition to our specialization in the supply and installation, as well as commissioning, of a vast range of refrigeration & air-conditioning equipment, we have incorporated an electrical division.

Many of our technical staff have been with us since day one and have shown immense growth due to the ongoing skills development program that is an integral part of our operation. They proudly assist the company in achieving its goal of offering first-class service at an affordable price.

It is said that diligent man will stand before kings, and this is an ethos by which we at The Right Temperature conduct all our business affairs, as we strive to grow and build on the exceptional reputation for quality service. We endeavour to treat our clients like royalty. It is our firmly held belief, both personally and in a corporate sense that every job, regardless of its size or monetary value, merits our best effort. Whether our customer is a single homeowner or a giant corporation, we strive to “Do It Right The First Time” and to ensure that we are guided by the ultimate end goal of customer satisfaction. - Alan Saffer(Chief Executive Officer)

At The Right Temperature we aim to achieve an exceptional reputation for quality service in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) industry – to the extent that small clients refer us to their corporate bosses and corporate bosses engage us to undertake commercial air conditioning projects for their companies! In addition to high quality workmanship and technical support, we aim for a 100% success ratio in the after sales service. We believe this is crucial to customer satisfaction that will raise us head and shoulders above our competitors.  

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